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Our Organic Certification of Farm Lands

It’s a great privilege to be a significant role of Sri Lankan agricultural sector for converting conventional agricultural practices to 100% organic farming. We have been providing our organic certification and consultation services well over thousands of farmers all around the Island for their cultivation, products and farm lands to covert to organic practices. It’s the biggest challenge we have taken successfully in the Sri Lankan agricultural community. Organic Products Certification in Sri Lanka.

Organic Products Certification in Sri Lanka

Converting a farm land or a cultivation to 100% organic is not just a simple task. There are a number of steps to be followed, a range of machinery, equipment and raw materials required, and also a good knowledge and training is required. We are happy to inform that we provide all the required services, up to date knowledge, world recognized standards and training needed to convert your farm lands in to organic and also to organically maintain your cultivation. Organic Products Certification in Sri Lanka.

Areas We Cover

We provide the following services and steps for organic farming and certification requirements.

with all these processes, we closely monitor and analyze your land, products and manufacturing for the best organic practices.

  • Initial Planning and Estimations
  • Selecting the Right Crop Verities
  • Land Preparation for Organic Farming
  • Planting and Growing Organically
  • Organic Fertilizer and It’s Appliance
  • Pest and Weed Control Methods
  • Fertilizer and Nutrients manufacturing
  • Required Nutrient Composition and Balancing
  • Improving land for organic cultivation
  • Methods and Techniques to be used
  • Organic Standards for Certifications
  • All the Related Practices

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