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About Greenasia Naturals

We are pioneers in Organic Certification of Farm Lands. We provide a vast range of certified organic food, products, fertilizer and materials with international standards.

Greenasia Naturals is a Sri Lankan born company specialized in certification of organic farm lands, exporting and supplying a vast range of agricultural products. We have over a thousand farmers scattered all over Sri Lanka and over 3650 acres of organically certified farm lands. Organic Land Certification in Sri Lanka.

We supply organically grown spices, fruits, coconut, cocoa, jackfruit and a range of products. Our main goal is to supply healthy products for the market. Along with our production, we provide fertilizer, raw materials and required consultation for organic agriculture. Organic Land Certification in Sri Lanka.

Turning the country back to organic farming is the main strategy of our business. By doing that, we help thousands of farmers and the nation with economy, health and wealth… – C.M. Dewasinghe

Organic Agriculture. For a Better Future!..

Our main goal is to supply healthy and quality products
for the world with organic certification.

Our Certifications

EU – Regulation

834/2007 of Organic Production


Organic Regulations for USA


Japanese Organic Certification

Control Union

Control Union Certification for Organic Farm Lands


Year of Experience in Organic Agriculture


Acres of Organic Certified Land


Organically Certified Farmers


Global Organic Certifications

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