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Ceylon Divine Nectar

Simply the best tea in the world!…

From the Land of the Tea, from the best tea plantations in the world, Ceylon Tea is such a product with no other to compare. The unparalleled qualities are born in the rich soils, heavenly climates with the qualities maintained for over centuries.

The taste is with the quality of the cultivation, the aroma boosts with the processing and the feeling of neediness is with the energy it provides.
Sri Lankan Tea… It’s simply The Best…

Our Products

Nectar Menike
Back Tea 

For a breakfast style blend, black tea definitely goes with a BPS tea. It is all about smelling the aroma of a fresh tea which has a gourmet-fresh flavor best for those who need a warm start for their morning. The BPS tea leaf is faster the brewing, the grater its pungency. This could help you keep calm and stay warm in a happy mood.

Nectar Rajina
Black Tea

The brisk and bold flavor of this tea is best for those who crave for a wake me up from dull and tiresome moments of their day. The sharp flavor of this unique tea will stimulate brain cells and balance the mood swings by re-boosting your energy through the day.

Nectar Saradiel
Green Tea

Green tea improves blood flow, lower cholesterol and blood pressure. And also researches have proved how it helps to prevent from a range of heart related issues. Those who drink green tea have greater power in the working memory of their brains. If you consume green tea in a proper manner, it increases fat burning and boosts metabolism.

Grown in the heavens on earth...

On the highest mountain tops, dissolved with the chilling mist, Sri Lankan High Lands is truly a heaven on earth.

From the best tourism destination in the world, from the best island paradise in the planet, from the world heritage forestry mountain tops, Sri Lankan Tea or better known as Ceylon Tea is a product with it’s own reputation. Try the taste and energy of a worm cup of tea and you will surely visit your next vacation for an extraordinary experience and adventure.

Tea is not only for taste but also for a ton of health benefits from simple an energy booster to cheer up your brain to a medicine for heart problems, diabetic and cholesterol.

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